About Us

The Eavanna Breen Skin and Laser clinic exists to provide a trustworthy, guided path to skin confidence. Results-driven, with a curious nature that drives the team forward, the clinic is led by skin professional Eavanna, who embodies the brand. The experts in the clinic share the same characteristics - knowledgeable, honest and passionate about skin.

Through trusted guidance and results-based treatments, we celebrate the diversity of skin and the power of ageing with confidence and grace.

A trusted, safe space for clients that is built on results, experience and innovative skin practices.

Good skin is for everyone. We focus on the diversity of skin and the individual needs of our clients.

Let’s change the way women and men feel about ageing by encouraging positive ageing and actively removing the stigma around people of a certain age.



50 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, D02 XK26


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