Slowing The Clock: The Real Secrets To Anti-aging.

Unfortunately, nobody has discovered the fountain of youth yet. But the good news is that today, we have more knowledge and cutting-edge treatments than ever to help slow the signs of aging and keep skin supple, healthy and youthful for longer.

It’s not about the jar of expensive skin cream any more. Protecting your skin from aging too quickly requires an all-round holistic approach, taking control of your skin and overall health care through simple changes to your lifestyle. These little changes combined with expert treatment can really make the difference to the future of your face!

Let’s start with the most well-known solution: Botox and fillers. If those words still fill your head with images of frozen faces and whispers of ‘she’s had work done’, think again! These treatments and our understanding of how to use them has advanced massively over the years, and now injectable work has much more subtle, beautiful results. So nobody needs to know!

How you use injectables depends on your age. Botox works on how the muscle in your face effects the skin, so if you’re in your early 30’s, it’s a good preventative as it prevents any lines from forming. But as time goes on, fillers are used to replenish and fill the volume that your skin loses as you age.

But injectables alone aren’t enough. A combination of treatments is the name of the game if you really want to get ahead of your body’s clock. Aging brings about other problems such as photo aging, skin sagging, scarring, thread veins and high colouring, so it’s important to address and treat these conditions at the same time. Laser and radio frequency treatments are really effective here, so I recommend using them in conjunction with injectables to ensure your skin retains glow and texture too.

Outside of the treatment room, what you do with your skin is just as important. The use of peptides, antioxidants and retinol is the ultimate combination for effective anti-aging care – these active ingredients maintain the texture of your skin by fighting free radicals, increasing growth factors and stimulating collagen. So check your products’ ingredients lists, and ask your beauty expert for advice if you’re not sure.

Micro-needling at home is another big recommendation of mine – it’s simple and gives fantastic results. And of course at this stage it goes without saying when it comes to anti-aging: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Make sure you’re using at least factor 15, and wear it every day no matter the weather.

Again, age is a factor. In our 30’s, all of these treatments are preventative measures. But once we hit our 40’s and our metabolism slows down, we need to do a little more. For example, consider an antioxidant supplement – CoQ10 is an antioxidant made by our bodies that plays a big role in mitochondrial respiration and protecting against oxidative stress. Supplementation of CoQ10 can help protect against photo aging and stimulate collagen synthesis as we get older. A healthy diet should have plenty of antioxidants in it, but supplements can definitely help.

So embrace aging! Go forward with confidence, and know that with the right treatments and skin care choices, you can keep glowing well into your better years.

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